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Small-Business Hiring: Why AI Interview Bot Should Be Your Next Investment.

At PreScreen AI, we are dedicated to making advanced talent acquisition technology more accessible to SMBs. That’s why we regularly look for insights into what matters for SMBs and the issues they face. A survey conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shows that 24% of midsize organizations (defined here as having between 100 and 499 employees) are using automation based on AI already. However, only 16% of small businesses have incorporated the tools so far.

 In fact, larger companies are much more likely to use AI than smaller ones. For the 84% of small-business owners who aren’t using AI, the main reasons are that they don’t feel it would help their business and don’t understand how to use AI, according to a survey conducted by Salesforce. 

As an HR leader at a small- or midsize business (SMB), you might find yourself in between these two groups—interested in the benefits AI could bring to your organization but unsure of how this technology and AI recruitment strategies, in particular, can transform your business function.

Let’s now explore why small and mid-scale organizations should consider AI recruiting investment.  Small businesses often lack resources. This means that employees are working countless hours on tasks that could be easily automated with AI. Not only will automating repetitive tasks save those employees from burnout down the line, but it will also free up valuable time for them to focus on higher-value activities. Case in point: Out of all the SMBs that implemented AI out there, 91% have seen an increase in success.

Given the stiff competition with larger corporations, If SMBs want to thrive — rather than simply survive — in the era of AI and recruitment innovation, it’s crucial that they’re able to use AI recruiting solutions as well as the latest advancements in this technology, for instance, intelligent chatbots for interviewing candidates, just like the big guys do. 

Understanding how other HR departments take advantage of AI recruitment strategies will help you determine whether your SMB could benefit from implementing AI talent acquisition.

Strategic Hiring with AI Recruitment Bot

AI recruitment bot is designed to automate the stage of candidate pre-qualification. The first step in preparation for the AI interview is screening the role requirements resume as well as the candidate’s resume (if it’s available). The recruitment bot uses AI algorithms that quickly scan and analyze these sources for relevant qualifications, skills as well as experiences to create tailored interview questions for each applicant.

After this stage, the system creates interview invitations for each candidate, and the recruitment bot can perform initial interviews with potential employees whenever it’s convenient for them. The bot asks some questions during an interview session, listens to the responses given by the candidate and analyses them using set guidelines. Advanced NLP algorithms and sentiment analysis capabilities allow the recruitment bot to measure the applicant’s job suitability in terms of technical expertise and soft skills. The complete evaluation of the candidate is then presented to the recruiter in the form of an interview summary.

Tangible Benefits of AI Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition technologies are revolutionizing the recruiting efforts of many companies. Due to the powerful capabilities that come at affordable pricing, AI recruiting solutions deliver a wide array of advantages for organizations of all sizes. A recruitment bot for interviews is not the exception. In a nutshell, this recruitment innovation saves time and money for SMBs while also making sure that fair and unbiased evaluations of candidates take place.

AI tools are valued for saving time

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