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Client Relations

Need to hire for new Client Project? We recognise how important it is to build Client relations. And new client project may bring up a talent gap and technology abreast resource requirement. Browsing and finding the right talent at the right time can be chaos moment considering the project demands and deadlines.

Client Acquisition

Talent can be an invaluable asset. And when you are empowered with Talent and armed with data winning more Clients will be a mundane task.

You can always aim for a zero-bench by connecting your existing CRM with Talanton and keeping your resources billable. You do hiring. We build your business.

Team Upscaling

Upscaling your Team, there are things to keep in mind? When you are upscaling your team, hiring top talent takes more longer than estimated and sometimes could be a redundant task.

And connecting your CRM with Talanton will keep you Talent 100% engaged.

Talent Requirement

Need extra resources for your existing project? It can be overwhelming to have had to fill the same positions for same or different projects with same or different clients. Finding the best-fit for the existing team could be a challenge.

Through our ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE powered TALANTON platform,

Our CLIENTS and PARTNERS are also able to extract below ANALYTICS,

Predictive Analysis | Personality Traits | CV Competency | Deep Analysis | Resource Ranking